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THURSDAY FUN NIGHT:  We are really excited about our Roaring 20’s Fun Night!

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Roaring 20's Gala


THURSDAY/FRIDAY KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Jay Gubrud is a catalyst for performance improvement. He is a Jay on tire.jpgdynamic professional speaker, trainer, author and consultant who has been presenting across industries and audiences for more than 17 years. His programs challenge participants to eliminate the everyday roadblocks to their success. Jay has an innate ability to relate the trials of life and business in a way that everyone can relate to … Cars and Driving!

He values the contribution of all people’s personalities and characteristics at the office and at home. His presentation style honors these differences and seeks to create an environment of mutual respect. Jay strives to open people’s minds to new ways of thinking and acting while at the same time reducing negativity. Another one of his strengths is connecting…connecting need and opportunity together to create value at every turn.

Thursday Keynote: Shifting Gears & Changing Lanes …Whether an organization is growing or simply moving in a new direction, change is inevitable and happens at a dizzying pace. Shifting Gears & Changing Lanes will provide the tools to effectively navigate the road to change. Through this program, attendees will:

•       Create powerful and productive expectations.
•       Find out the 4 major reactions to change and how to leverage them.
•       Discover tools that help others change and adapt.
•       Establish rewarding new mindsets.
•       Find out the #1 misconception about change
•       Learn proven methods to embrace the new and let go of the old.

Shifting Gears & Changing Lanes will enable people to accept change, confront their fears and move forward in a positive direction. Change is inevitable. Why not embrace it?     Down-Shift and Steer in a New Direction

Friday Keynote: Speed Traps, Pot Holes & Idiots is designed to help your employees or members eliminate the everyday roadblocks to their success and maintain a winning mindset. Jay takes the best of all his programs and incorporates them into one dynamic look at how to obtain success both professionally and personally. In this program, you will:

•       Establish rewarding new assumptions.
•       Create powerful and productive expectations.
•       Overcome the 4 fears that get in the way of change.
•       Understand the 15 reasons why people don’t take action.
•       Find out how to get along with difficult people.
•       Realize how to give and receive feedback effectively.

 Speed Traps, Pot Holes & Idiots will enable people with the ability to actually obtain their desired goals and results.     Master the Driving Forces of Success!